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Oct. 13th, 2012 12:44 pm


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Most of my journal entries have been private lately. O:

But I do want to say that I've been feeling much happier lately. :) Went to the doctor and it turns out I have Vitamin D deficiency (and I suspect I've had it for quite some time; probably at least six years). So I am on a supplement and have been feeling much better (though my knees have been in some pain since taking it).

I've been studying like hell for the LSAT, which I take in December. I am nervous about it and about taking it so late. I know that a lot of schools that I really want to attend (such as Berkeley) probably won't accept me because I will be turning in the application so late. I'm hoping I get accepted to at least UC Hastings or Santa Clara Univ. The last practice test I took I scored a 157, but that was without studying and I've been studying like hell since then. I expect to get a 162 at least, but I really want to get into the 90th percentile (haha wishful thinking).

I'm also nervous about actually attending law school. It seems really difficult. :/ But yesterday I was attending an info meeting for UC Hastings and I saw some students doing a mock trial and it made me kinda exciting about attending law school. I just hope that everyone in whatever program I choose aren't... total tools I guess, haha.

My computer that I had been gaming on broke down a couple of months ago, so I've been unable to play any single or multiplayer games except very rarely my brother will let me play Total War games on his computer. It's been good for my studying (I'm not tempted to play at all lol), but I really miss video games. D: My mother promised that as a gift for both Christmas and my birthday that she'll give me a computer, so I am excited about it! I do wish I could build my own computer at this point because I am sure it would be much cheaper.

Uhhh. I don't know if anyone that I know only online still reads this stuff, but in case you didn't hear: I moved from Georgia to Florida for a year (for university), then I quit the school and transferred to a university in Georgia for a semester. Then after that my mom got a job in the San Francisco Bay Area and I was like "fuck Georgia, I'm outta here", and so I now live just outside San Francisco. :) It was an amazing move and I really don't regret this decision. Since moving here I have enjoyed my life a lot more. :D

I promise to update more often! :D Since being on the Vitamin D, I have been itching to write more!
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