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I'm taking an intro to women and gender studies course because that is my minor and I passed over the class in the my earlier years at college. The class is filled with freshmen, so a lot of them still act immature and, unfortunately, they don't really express any desire to work. We have been divided up into groups and throughout the semester we discuss the readings we are assigned and present our discussions to the class. Of course I am stuck with the group that never reads or talks about anything. I often become one of two or three people that leads the conversation of a group of ten people.

Well, the other day our group was divided in half and we were assigned a project. We have to choose an image that is either empowering or sexist, present it to the class with our critique, and turn in a 5.5 page essay. It sounds pretty damn easy. But for some reason my groupmates don't feel the need to turn up to the scheduled meetings, they haven't chosen an image to present on, and they insist on doing 5 separate essays and compiling them right before the essay is due. Also, I suggested an image (the V-D image with the soldier kissing the nurse), which everyone agreed upon using. Then the next time (most of us) meet, one person decides that we shouldn't use it, so then everyone changes their mind. The reason? They couldn't find the original interview discussing about how this was an example of sexual assault and we can only find interviews on feminism or anti-sexism websites.

Okay, fine. The project's guidelines explicitly say don't use an image that is listed on a feminist website because that defeats the purpose of discovering how easy it is to find problematic images.

Except the only other groupmate that has tried to find an image (besides me) wants to present on the Carl's Jr. advertisements. You know, the ones that have been hounded by popular media for being hypersexualized and sexist images. How does this not explicitly go against the rules of the presentation? Well, two more of my groupmates think it's a great idea, and I'm super worried that it is what we'll be going with.

Also, my groupmates can't seem to agree on what time to meet. On Monday we met at 11AM, where I had to catch an 8AM bus in order to get to get to school on time, and one person showed up 45 minutes late. We all decide to meet on Wednesday morning at the same time because it's the best time for all of us. On Tuesday, I am running late to class (because I missed my 8AM bus, and have to take the 9AM, allowing me only 3 minutes to get to my class from the bus stop from across campus). I get into class, and the first thing my groupmates tell me is "we're meeting at 10:30AM tomorrow!" I tell them that I probably will be 20-30 minutes late because of the way my bus schedule works. They tell me "well, if you prefer 11AM, that's okay". I tell them that yes, I prefer 11, but if they really prefer 10:30AM, I'll try to get there on time. They decide on 10:30AM, and then 3 hours later, they text me and tell me that "Actually, we'll meet at 11AM because R [group member's name] has a class until then." Okay, totally cool. Then R cannot make it that day because she wants to attend the Giants parade. Now, me, I wouldn't have said that because wtf, really? But then she asks all of us individually through text messages what our schedule is. I specifically say that I cannot go right after our class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She decides to ignore that and schedules it for then. WTF. So I wait after class and 3 of our members are there, and the fourth shows up soon after (she thought we were meeting elsewhere), and R, the person who rescheduled, is nowhere to be found. So yeah, now we have to reschedule AGAIN, and this time over the weekend.

Did I mention that this project is worth 30% of my grade for this class? It's due in little under two weeks!

So I'm currently debating with myself whether or not I go to the professor about this problem. I don't want to appear like I'm complaining, or like I'm snitching out my groupmates, but I don't want my grade to suffer! UGH.

On top of all of this, I still have other classes with regular homework (i.e., reading 30 pages per class), plus other projects and essays that I have to worry about. Not to mention the LSAT to study for. So it's a little worrying that this group can't get its ass in gear.
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